• What Is Your Bacteria-Shield Barrier Technology?

This groundbreaking technology is a glass-proof coating. Comprising soil-oxidizing hydrogen peroxide among other chemicals, this combo is what you need to effectively polish stained surfaces of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Defeat germs and prevent any further microbes from infecting your surfaces.

  • Why Should I Use Bacteria-Shield?

Want to protect your surfaces after a thorough scrub? Bacteria-Shield gets the job done. Stains. Spots. Soap scum. Scale buildups. Forget cleaning for half an hour with an old rag. Bacteria-Shield crushes buildup and leaves a polished surface afterwards – free from harmful microorganisms.

  • Why BACTERIA-SHIELD Over Traditional Cleaning Products?

We strive to innovate. Bacteria-Shield is ahead of the pack for two reasons. One, our formula has the impeccable power to instantly eviscerate any bacteria. Secondly, our product leaves a protective coat that ensures your surface remains free of harmful little bugs. No product comes close to this quality.

  • How Often Do I Use Bacteria-Shield?

The most accurate answer? Once a day. Unlike traditional cleaners, you don’t need to use Bacteria-Shield every hour. One coat of our formula will protect your kitchen, tables, and counter tops for hours on end. You will be able to see the quality of our product with the shine and sparkle it leaves behind.

  • How Does The Bacteria Shield Work?

With one spray, you kill 99.9% of the bacteria present on any surface. Trust us, we counted them. For 24-hours, a shield is created to keep germs OUT. How do we make it happen? Thanks to our tried and tested cleaning technology – pure magic.

  • How Are Cleaning & Disinfecting Different?

It’s all about appearance versus what is truly there. Cleaning might make a surface look sparkly, but it doesn’t remove germs hiding within nooks and cracks. Disinfecting crushes bacteria and their species. How do you make it happen? With trusted chemicals such as Bacteria-Shield.

  • How Long Does The Shield Block Bacteria?

24 hours. Do you think your surfaces are kept free of germs after using traditional cleaning supplies? Think again. Bacteria-Shield stands head and shoulders above the rest thanks to its unparalleled cleansing strength. One of the many benefits of our top-tier glass proof coating.

  • How Can I Repel Microbes After Disinfection?

This method has worked for countless families and businesses. Simply apply a thick coating of an anti-microbial agent, such as Bacteria-Shield, and see the magic take place. With one strategically sprayed coating, you can keep microbes at bay day and night – without the extra elbow grease.

  • How Do I Apply My Bacteria-Shield?

Step one, clean your surface. Miss this, and your shield won't work. Spray the bottle onto your target, wipe it in, and wait for it to dry. Once dried, the formula will form a thick shield base cover. Go ahead. Touch the table. Your surface is now completely germ-free!

  • Will Bacteria-Shield Damage My Surfaces?

No. Our multipurpose anti-bacterial cleaner is safe to use on permeable and non-permeable surfaces – whether at home or at your business. No other preventative safety products are needed. Simply spray and let the formula work its magic. WARNING: Keep food off the table when spraying Bacteria-Shield.

  • Will This Spray Accidentally Hurt My Skin?

No. Toxicology studies have shown that Bacteria-Shield will not absorb into your skin. The only place it absorbs? Tabletops. WARNING: Don't spray Bacteria-Shield into your eyes. If irritation persists for over 15 minutes, urgently consult a physician. ADDITIONAL WARNING: Keep the spray away from children

  • Won’t Bacteria-Shield Create Super Microorganisms?

No. Minute bacteria will not adapt to our impenetrable shield. No space is left for sneaky germs. Bacteria-Shield stops almost every virus and germ in its track – guaranteed.  

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