What Bacteria-Shield Does For You

Shield Your Surfaces With A Potent Bacteria Blaster

Besting bacteria and germs require above-average products. The Bacteria-Shield multi-surface cleaner spray packs a potent punch – one that you and your microbial nemesis won’t forget. With 99.9% efficiency and cutting-edge built-in tech, our spray is the surface defender you’ve been looking for.

Center For Disease Control (CDC) & Environmental Protection Agency Recommendations (EPA)

Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. We’ve all heard the advice. Routinely rinsing our hands with anti-germ handwash and using hand sanitizer will prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from person to person. The one Achilles heel that we all miss? Cleaning our surfaces. After all, kitchen counters, dining tables, and store tops are where germs love to gather.   Always listen to the experts. At some point, the EPA suggested creating a revolutionary spray that kills germs and shields surfaces from bacteria of all shapes and sizes. We took their advice to heart and crafted potent multi-surface cleaning products. A true game-changer, our bacteria beating spray is the cleaning staple you need in your arsenal.  

Effective Pre-Cleaning

Effective Pre-Cleaning Frequent disinfection simply doesn’t cut it. You need to formulate a war-based strategy that includes shielding – keeping your surfaces spotless and germ-free. A war cannot be fought with sub-par weaponry. Luckily, Bacteria-Shield has your back. Get your arms ready. The fight has only begun. The time to triumph over armies of microbes is now.   Bacteria-Shield is truly world-class. Our anti-bacterial surface spray contains groundbreaking anti-microbial technology that crushes viruses, bacteria, and germs with just one snap of the bottle trigger. Save your customers and family from little villains with one anti-bacterial surface cleaner. Are you ready to win the battle?


Getting hot under the collar? Are you grinding your teeth? Ordinary store-bought cleaners simply aren’t getting the job done. When it comes to jagged and rugged surfaces, hitting every spot is near-impossible. Sometimes you need to think outside the box. With Bacteria-Shield, you can finally make an impact and drive out germs for good.   Our faultless oxidizing power kills 99.9% of virus remnants and bacteria, even in those hard-to-reach spaces. Bacteria-Shield also contains hydrogen peroxide and surface-active agents – two chemicals that corrode organic and non-organic matters. Pour out a drop of Bacteria-Shield and watch those persistent bacteria stains melt away! Keeping your surfaces spotless has never been this easy.


Once you use Bacteria-Shield, you never go back. Our anti-bacterial spray easily outperforms traditional cleaning staples. Broad cleaning utility. Ease of use. Functionality on all surfaces. This is an all-in-one dynamic package that gets the job done each time. The best news of all? A bottle of Bacteria-Shield can be yours today!

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